Kline Exhausts are backed by lifetime coverage structure & warranty / repair support. We are completely committed to supporting our ccustomers. We will, without hesitation, accept any warranty issues, regardless of the circumstances. As a Kline customer, your satisfaction is our primary focus. Our exhausts are manufactured for long term reliability, performance and quality, as well as unsurpassed acoustic and aesthetics. We are completely confident in our products, and therefor happy to offer our support to all Kline customers regardless of where they purchased the exhaust or when they were produced.

Warranty Claim Procedures.:
Simply email the details of the order and the issue you're having with the exhaust to: christian@kline-innovation.com


The Exhaust you are purchasing are custom built, custom tailored, to your specification. They are precise fit exhausts, and will fit only your vehicle. The exhausts are not kept in stock as inventory and are specifically assembled for you. Once and order is placed, it is non-cancelable. Your deposit is non-refundable, and you are entering into a signed agreement with our company. Once we have issued your invoice, you have 24 hours to make any revisions. If we do not receive any further communication regarding changes within 24 hours, we will assume that the order is correct. Once production begins, changes may be granted at the discretion of Kline. If no communication is received during the 24 hour courtesy period, you are confirming that you will fulfill your obligation to purchase these exhausts as specified in the invoice. Under no circumstances can an order be returned. However should an order have a defect, we will cover this under our warranty policy . We cannot guarantee delivery time. As these are custom, hand built products. Delivery times will be estimated.


We offer a 4 year warranty on our stainless products, and a lifetime warranty of our inconel products. we also offer 4 year warranty on catalysts. warranty on catalysts however will be subject to the running and setupup of the car. If the car is running unusally high exhaust gas temperature, over rich or lean fuelling, unusually high boost pressures, or any other factors that may contribute to premiature failiures, we reserve the right to void warranty. Kline cannot be held responsible for damage to exhausts or car as a result of installation or handling by third parties. Felixible joints are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Should you feel you have a warranty claim, please contact us by phone or email prior to returning the exhaust. we will strive to resolve the problem as quick and efficiently as possible at our expense. If it is found that the issue is not due to workmanship or quality but rather user neglect or error, then the customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges as well as repair costs. It is your responsibility to get the exhaust back to us safely and packaged properly. We cannot be held responsible for damages due to shipping.

If a Kline exhaust does not fit the vehicle for any reason other than a material defect or manufacturing errors, repair charges will apply to correct the exhaust. Should you recieve a kline exhaust, that does not fit due to manufacturing error, we will arrange collection and schedule replacement, or re-manufacturing of the exhaust at our own expense.