The Mercedes G500/G550 AMG, with a 416hp V8 engine under its hood, is a formidable terrain vehicle. Modern manufacturing standards however have left the sound somewhat lackluster. Our design brief, to regain and accentuate that V8 rumble, using the best and most durable materials available.

The Sound

The stock exhaust, designed primarily for noise suppression, with its chambers and acoustic fill sections, it stifles the potential of the V8. Removal of the stock silencers, and addition of our specially designed harmonically tuned silencers opens up the sound. On valve open the silencer is completely bypassed giving a raw deep growl to the G63. On valve closed the silencers are tuned to completely eliminate any highway drone, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of the G63. The F1 grade carbon fiber pre preg tips complement the angular look of the G63 AMG, and accentuate the rugged quality that it exudes.


Cross sections

63mm valve open transit
57mm valve closed transit


Available in 304 grade stainless steel
Weight: 20 kg
Available in f1 grade Inconel 625
Weight: 12kg Carbon fiber unique tips