PORSCHE 991 GT3 Exhaust

Capitalizing on a formidable heritage of race bred 911's. Upwards of 475 hp, and a 9000rpm redline, We wanted to make the exhaust scream like a racecar should! Applying our usual formula, F1 grade Inconel 625, tuned cross sections, and perfect X pipe geometry, we were able to craft an exhaust that not only has the perfect sound, but is lightweight, durable, and performs to the highest expectations.

The Sound

Starting at the manifolds, replacing the stock cats for our 100 cell, or long tube catless Inconel headers opens up the sound significantly. The gases are then passed through one of 2 channels. On valve closed, the gases pass through our harmonically tuned, and internally ceramic insulated wing silencers to remove unwanted drone during highway cruising, and into the center muffler, and finally our trademark 1D CLR x pipe, this setup keeps the car very civilised when you want it to be.
On valve open The wing and center silencers are completely bypassed, allowing the gasses to pass freely through the exhaust system. The geometry of the Kline 1D CLR X pipe raises the pitch of the exhaust significantly into a raucous, yet beautiful, incindiary scream, without causing any restriction to the gas transit. The material Inconel 625 also has a unique sound, further enhancing the natural charachteristic sound of the kline system. The sidewall is very thin, and resonates to produce an even higher pitched scream at high revs.


The largest performance gain comes from replacing the catalysts in the stock headers. The Kline headers and full system are designed to work in conjunction with eachother for optimum performance and sound. The Kline system and headers are available in 2 options, 100 cpsi catalysts producing a largest gain of 18 hp and 27nm, or decat long tube headers producing a largest gain of 24hp and 35nm.



Inconel 625, Manifolds decat 2.3kg each,
wing silencers 4.6kg each,
center silencer with tips 5.9kg each.
Total weight manifold back, 15.1kg,
Total weight Inc manifolds 19.7kg
19.2kg weight saving

304 grade stainless,
Manifolds 4kg each,
wing silencers 8.5kg each,
center silencer with tips 10.5kg
Total weight manifold back 27.5kg
Total weight Inc manifolds 35.5

Cross Sections

All cross section have been selected for a balance of peak torque and power

Primaries 51mm
Secondaries 70mm

Rear section
valve open, tapered 70mm into 63.5mm Xpipe
valve closed, 57mm into wing silencers

choice of 89 mm or 1o1mm, double walled inconel
or Carbon fiber