McLaren 765LT Exhaust

The Mclaren 765lt, the more aggressive track orientated brother to the 720s. at 755hp and 800nm, the M840T engine is really pushing the boundaries of performance, while the improved aero, and 80kg weight reduction complement with higher apex speeds and improved handling. The exhaust however, although made from titanium, is not as light, and durable as it could be, and the sound is not at its full potential.

The Sound

Replacing the thick sidewall titanium, with ultra this light weight Inconel 625, not only reduces weight, but also increases the high pitched resonance of the exhaust. Addition of our trademark 1D CLR tight radius x pipes further raises the pitch of the exhaust, into an exotic high pitched race car tonality. On valve open the exhaust gases are completely unhindered, and freeflow for maximum performance and sound. On valve closed the exhaust gases are diverted through our specially designed microsilencer, that means the car can be driven stealthily, almost stock sound when cruising, while on valve open, a rich raucous high pitched exotic scream is achieved.


The potential for tuning the mclaren turbo engines is large. Removal of the 600 cpsi stock cats and of, and replacing them with either 100cpsi, or 200cpsi motorsport catalysts, or decat test pipes and subsequent correction of A/F ratios will yield up to 40hp of power. Full ECU remap in conjunction with full Kline exhaust, will yeaild up to 80hp of gains.


Cross Sections

Available in either 100cpsi, or 200 cpsi, HJS HDPE motorsport catalysts.
Or for optimum performance decat test pipes


Available in Inconel 625, weight rear section 8kg

available in 304 stainless steel, weight 13kg

X pipe diameter 76mm
valve closed transit, 45mm
catalyst pipe diameter 76mm