Audi RS5 Exhaust

The RS5, striking yet elegant. Advancing revs so quickly, the 4.2l FSI v8 engine producing 444hp is a beautiful example of modern engineering. the potential to improve the sound, and power response through exhaust tuning, was enough to make this one of our early marques for a Kline Inconel full exhaust system.

Kline Innovation

The first aspect that caught our attention, the manifolds. Crushed and stunted primaries, the absence of any sort of performance collector, and a 400cpsi catalyst located within the power crucial scavenge zone of the manifold. Clearly there was room for significant improvement. It was clear from the beginning why the factory manifolds were built in this fashion, the clearance between heads, block and chassis is just millimeters, designing anything in this space was going to be a challenge. The stock cats were replaced with long primaries, and motorsport grade collectors, drastically improving torque and power response, and giving a more balanced, yet aggressive sound. Rev response is also greatly improved. (Kline offer an option to fit 100 cpsi cats to the downpipes)

The next point that could be improved, the addition of a 20 degree x pipe to the center section. being a v8 with a cross plane crank configuration, significant additional power is generated by relieving pressure spikes associated with the uneven firing pattern. we also offer the option of a resonated (silenced) or non-resonated center section, to suit sound requirements.

The rear silencer section, working with the cars stock vacuum actuated valve system, we crafted a set of light weight, valvetronic rear silencers. on valve open the system becomes completely freeflow, for optimum performance, and aggressive sound. under valve closure, exhaust gases are diverted through a series of chambers and acoustic filled section, tuned towards low rpm torque, and a very quiet volume at cruising speeds. the rear section comes in two options, a mild sport not under valve closure, and a stock quiet under valve closure.


Cross Sections

Cat section, 70mm OD dual
Center and rear section, 70mm OD dual
all cross section chosen for optimum balance of torque and peak power


100 OR 200 CPSI catalysts are available in HJS, or full decat for optimum performance and sound.


INCONEL 625 (formula one grade)

Downpipes - 2.8kg each.
Center - 3.2kg (non resonated).
Rear - 3.8kg each.
Total - 16.4kg, 31kg weight saving.

Also available in 304 stainless