Audi RSQ8 is a powerful yet capable utility vehicle. The sound however, we felt was a little on the timid side, and did not reflect the true nature of this fighting Bull!

The Sound

Replacing the restrictive factory catalysts for either 100 or 200 cell HJS HDPE motorsport catalysts opens up the sound significantly, while the 20 degree x pipe blend the gases out of phase, raising the pitch of the exhaust note, and smoothing out unwanted drone.

The rear section, utilizes the cars stock electronic valve control system. On valve closed, the gases are diverted through a series of chambers, and acoustic fill sections, producing a smooth quiet ride when cruising. On valve open, the silencer is completely bypassed, for an unhindered, throaty commanding roar that this bull deserves!


Performance Removal of the secondary catalysts from the silencer section, and addition of a completely free flow system under valve open, result in optimum efficiency from the exhaust, and some moderate power and torque gains

37hp and 48 nm power and torque gain with de-cat pipes



All cross sections have been increased from stock by around 10% to give the best balance of torque, and increased power.

Silencer section, 70mm 20 degree X-pipe. Valve closure transit 57mm Valve open transit 70mm freeflow


Kine Innovation Lamborghini Urus exhaust is available in 304 stainless steel, or ultra light weight F1 grade Inconel 625