Nissan GTR Exhaust

Supercar quick, hypercar capable, the GTR will dominate many of the revered supercar pedigree's. The 3.8l twin turbo V6, a marvel of modern engineering, has enormous potential beyond the factory 475hp. Of course we at Kline were eager to build the ultimate GTR exhaust. The criteria, flexibility on design and cross sections to tune perfectly with your desired power, whether your building a 1400hp monster, or 650hp daily driver, Kline can offer the best in materials and expertise to realise your dream.

The Innovation

The 3.8l v6 engine being mounted at the front of the GTR, designing and building an exhaust with a high standard of sound and performance might be considered a fairly easy task. However we at Kline take perfection very seriously, and as a result felt we had to take our GTR exhaust to a whole new level. How could we achieve this? With a combination of elegant design, uncompromising materials, acoustic, and fluid dynamic modelling.

Setting the benchmark, the worlds first GTR exhaust made entirely from Inconel 625 formula one grade material. Inconel is very light weight, our GTR system being one of the lightest resonated 89mm system in the world. Inconel is also incredibly durable, with high thermal and chemical stability, and will not fatigue and crack over time like titanium system's.

The Sound

Removing the quad 400 cell catalysts, and replacing them for either de-cat pipes, or 100cpsi catalysts, increases and enriches the sound, as well as improving torque and power response. replacing the resonated y-pipe for a freeflow variant further accentuates the sound as well as lightening the exhaust. enlarging and simplifying the rear silencer section, we were able to essentially consolidate the volume of the 3 silencer factory setup, into a more efficient twin rear silencer design, further lightening the setup. the rear silencers have been volumetrically tuned towards removing bass drone at cruising speeds, while giving a rich aggressive vocal at high rpm's. Built from Thin sidewall Inconel, with high latent resonant frequency, the sound is accentuated in the treble frequencies, giving a higher pitched more aggressive sound when you need it. The Inconel sound really is quite electrifying!


De-cat variant, 48hp gain @ 6500 rpm
73nm gain @ 3800 rpm


Cross Section

The following are the dimensions of our 89mm system, designed to meet requirements in the range of 750-1000hp.

Downpipes, dual 76mm OD

Y pipe, dual 76mm OD, into single 89mm OD. available in either de-cat, or with 100cpsi HJS catalyst.

Rear section, single 89mm OD, into dual 76mm OD Y section, quad 63.5mm OD tail sections.

All dimensions chosen to conserve cross sectional area, and gas velocity, for optimum efficiency of gas transit.


Available in full Inconel 625 (formula one grade)

Downpipes - 2.0 kg /pair. Y pipe - 3.7 kg. Rear section - 9.5kg . Total = 16.6 kg . 26.8kg weight saving

304 Stainless steel

Downpipes - 5.5kg/pair. Ypipe - 7.0kg. Rear section - 17kg. Total - 29.5kg. 12.5kg weight saving