Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Exhaust

The lamborghini Gallardo, with its striking looks and v10 engine producing 500bhp. The very heart of the supercar, the idea, is to stand out, with neck breaking styling, and a heritage in the uncompromising. Here at kline we decided to design and build the Ultimate Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust, sculpted from the very best ultra light weight Inconel 625, and the most innovative sound and performance design to date.

The Sound

Perhaps the main critisism of the Gallardo, that the exhaust was too tame, that it didnt reflect the raw nature of the supercar, so we at kline decided to design the ultimate Gallardo exhaust. The basic concept behind the design was to create something that would truly scream at high revs, while being almost stock quiet at crusing speeds.

To achieve this we designed the exhaust to incorprate two chambered silencers on valve closure to completely remove any bass drone. On valve bypass the exhaust becomes completely freeflow, passing only through our trademark 1D CLR x pipe. The exhaust note on valve open is seriously incindiary, the x pipe raises the pitch of the exhaust note into a raucious aggressive vocal, during testing we seemed to get a consistant description of the exhaust from customers "It sounds like a demon screaming"

The valves are actuated by the cars OEM vacuum system, and can be controlled by the new Kline INCONEL BUTTON wireless kit READ MORE>>

Valvetronic Inconel Button


Removal of the secondary catalysts, and addition of completely freeflow silencers on valve open, mean that the Kline Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust operates at the highest efficiency and produces the largest gains possible for this type of upgrade. With 100 CPSI cats Largest power gain 18hp @ 5100 rpm Largest torque gain 27nm @4800 rpm



Kine Innovation Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust is available in 304 stainless steel (18kg), or ultra light weight F1 grade Inconel 625 (8.7kg), and comes with a choice of HJS 100cell HDPE motorsport catalysts, or full de-cat for optimum performance.

Cross Sections

All cross sections have been increased from stock by around 10% to give the best balance of torque, and increased power

Catalyst sections 63.5mm from the manifold joint, 118mm diameter catalyst

Silencer section, 63.5mm !1D CLR X-pipe. Valve closure transit 50mm Valve open transit 63.5mm freeflow