Mercedes S63 AMG Exhaust

The Mercedes S63 AMG, with 612 hp, and an earth shifting 900 nm torque, the V8 biturbo will propel this super sedan to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds. Here at Kline, we felt that the exhaust note should fulfil its bull baritone potential.

The Sound

Replacing the 600CPSI catalysts, with 100 cell HJS race cats, opens the sound up significantly. Addition of our trademark 20 degree 1D CLR x pipe blends the left and right banks, increasing the tenor range, and giving a fuller, richer vocal, while removing unwanted bass frequencies (drone). The Valvetronic rear silencers, containing our proprietary “Jekyl and hyde” technology, are almost stock quiet on valve closure, to allow for stealthy driving, and zero highway drone. On valve open, the silencer is completely bypassed, allowing the full, untainted V8 Howl ensue.



Available in 100 CPSI race catalysts, or decat for optimum performance. Gains are 21hp and 30nm for 100CPSI cats, 38hp and 50nm for decat. (the gains listed, are after air fuel ratios have been compensated via software for the exhaust upgrade. To experience the full performance potential of the exhaust upgrade, an ecu tune is recommended.)


Available in 304 stainless Weight TBC
Available in F1 grade Inconel 625 Weight TBC 65 percent weight reduction expected.

Cross Sections

Downpipes, centre and rear, 70mm OD. Chosen specifically for a balance of power and torque.
Valve closed tail transit, 50mm