Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Exhaust

Lamborghini’s latest tech makes the SVJ not only the fastest Aventador yet, but easily the most exploitable. With its 760hp, 6.5liters, V12 motor, and aggressive styling, the Aventador SVJ was built to impress. Here at Kline we decided to design and build the ultimate Aventador SVJ exhaust system. Sculpted from ultra lightweight Inconel 625, the design brief was simple, unrivaled sound performance, and lightness.

The Sound

Here at Kline, we felt that the factory Aventador SVJ exhaust was not special enough, it does not live up to the raw nature of the supercar. The basic Kline sound requirement was to create something that would truly scream at high revs, while being almost stock quiet at cruising speeds.

Under valve closure, the exhaust gasses are diverted through a series of chambers and acoustic sections to completely remove any drone. At valve open, the exhaust becomes completely free flow for optimum performance and sound, the gasses only passing through our trademark tight radius x pipe, to effectively raise the pitch of the exhaust note. The exhaust note on valve open is seriously incendiary; the x pipe raises the pitch of the exhaust note into a raucous aggressive vocal for that "demon screaming" sound!


Removal of the catalysts, and addition of a completely free flow system under valve open, results in optimum efficiency from the exhaust, and some moderate power and torque gains. 23hp and 29nm power and torque increase. (The gains listed, are after air fuel ratios have been compensated via software for the exhaust upgrade. To experience the full performance potential of the exhaust upgrade, an ecu tune is recommended.)


Cross Section

Downpipes, center and rear, 70mm OD.
Chosen specifically for a balance of power and torque.
Valve closed tail transit, 57mm


Available in 304 stainless

Available in F1 grade Inconel 625
Weight 9.25kg, (55% weight reduction over stock)