Porsche 718 GT4/SPYDER/GTS Exhaust

The Porsche cayman 718 gt4, revered as the pinnacle of track orientated weaponry, at 414 hp the flat 6 has the power to weight ratio to put in some blistering lap times. So how could we improve on this epic automobile? Add lightness, tune the sound, and add performance!

The Sound

Removal of the heavy chambered rear silencer, and replacing it with a lightweight F1 grade Inconel 625 X pipe, and Fully bypassable lightweight Inconel silencers, sheds a significant amount of weight, as well as raising the pitch of the exhaust into a more exotic tonal range. Removal of the OPF and catalysts, and replacing them with either HJS motorsport catalysts, or De-cat pipes, opens the sound up significantly, complementing and accentuating the high pitched silencer section, into an exotic scream. The Kline innovation rear valvetronic setup, means that the car can be driven in stealth mode with the valves closed, however a raw unhindered sound can be achieved with valves open Addition of our beautifully crafted F1 grade Pre Preg carbon fiber exhaust tips compliments the exhaust perfectly.


Replacing the OPF with a specially designed silencer, removes the most restrictive component, without causing drone associated with OPF removal. Replacing the stock catalysts with 100 cell HJS motorsport catalysts, or decat pipes, and correcting the subsequent af ratios will yield up t0 20 hp.


Available with either 100 cell, 200 cell or decat pipes for optimum performance.

Cross Sections

All cross section chosen for the optimum balance of torque and power.

X pipe diameter, 63.5mm
Silencer transit 50mm
Catalyst pipe diameter 63.5mm
Catalyst overall cross section 122mm
Manifold primaries, 45mm, 63.5mm secondary

Rear Silencer Section

Available in: 304 grade stainless, 13.5kg
F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy, 7.5kg

Catalysts Manifolds

100cell catalysts manifolds
Available in 304 grade stainless, 4.2kg each
F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy, 2.8kg each