Aston Martin Vantage 2018+

The 2018 Aston Martin Vantage, upping the stakes of previous versions of the grand tourer, with its V8 twin turbo Motor producing 665 hp, the vantage is now a serious power machine! However with modern regulations, and the turbos stifling the sound somewhat, we descided to give the beauty a sonic makeover!

The Sound

Replacing the stock 600 CPSI cats for 100/200 cell high flow HJS sports cats, opens the sound up significantly. Addition of Kline perfect X pipe geometry raises the pitch into a beautiful exotic wail! The silencer has been harmonically tuned to completely remove any cruising drone, while on valve open, the silencer is completely bypassed, allowing the full exhaust note to sing!



Available in a choice of 100 or 200 cell high flow sports cats, or de-cat for maximum performance.

Cross section

Downpipe cross section 70mm, 70mm x pipe, 70mm centre and rear section. 50mm valve closed transit, 70 mm freeflow valve open transit.


Available in 304 stainless
Total weight 24.45 Kg

Available in F1 grade Inconel 625