PORSCHE 987.2 Cayman R Exhaust

With 330 horsepower bristling from the 3.4-liter flat-six mounted amidships, the Cayman R will launch-control itself from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Applying our usual formula, F1 grade Inconel 625, tuned cross sections and manifolds with 200 cell catalyst, we were able to craft an exhaust that not only has the perfect sound, but is lightweight, durable, and performs to the highest expectations.

The Sound

Building on our highly revered Porsche turbo range, we have incorporated many of the same design features into our Cayman R, 1D CLR X pipe for that incendiary howl at higher rpm, harmonically tuned silencers, and ultra-thin Inconel 625 for that “Unique to Kline” sound.
The Kline Cayman R system also incorporates a valvetronic design, allowing the car to be run stealthily on valve closed, while attaining an unhindered raw scream, and optimum performance when the valves are opened.
Available in Decat for optimum sound and performance or a 200 cell high flow sports cats. The cats section is modular, allowing the cats to be swapped with decat very rapidly, depending on intended use.



Inconel 625, Manifolds decat 2.3kg each,
wing silencers 4.6kg each,
center silencer with tips 5.9kg each.
Total weight manifold back, 15.1kg,
Total weight Inc manifolds 19.7kg
19.2kg weight saving

304 grade stainless,
Manifolds 4kg each,
wing silencers 8.5kg each,
center silencer with tips 10.5kg
Total weight manifold back 27.5kg
Total weight Inc manifolds 35.5

Cross Sections

All cross section have been selected for a balance of peak torque and power

Primaries 51mm
Secondaries 70mm

Rear section
valve open, tapered 70mm into 63.5mm Xpipe
valve closed, 57mm into wing silencers

choice of 89 mm or 1o1mm, double walled inconel
or Carbon fiber