Porsche 991 Carrera Exhaust

The seventh incarnation of the 911, the 991 turbo has taken some strikingly beautiful evolutionary steps. A wider wheel base, and improved axel to engine geometry significantly improve the weight distribution and cornering stability. additional composites and aluminium to further reduce weight, even the exhaust has been somewhat improved over the 997. So how much could we really improve over the factory exhaust? Quite simply remarkably!

The Sound

Capitalising on the design innovations and success of our 996 and 997 range, the starting point for designing the 991 Carrera exhaust had been set high. Our trademark perfect x pipe geometry, harmonically tuned silencer geomtery, Inconel 625, and our proprietry acoustic silencer packing materials result in a system that has become famous for that perfect sound. Zero drone, and a raised pitch raucious incindiary howl in higher rpms and hard throttle

The x pipe geometry, designed to give a particular tone, a tone which has become synonymous with all kline systems as they all share the same relative geometry. This geometry within the x pipe is the result of a lot of R&D work specifically around tonal quality of exhaust notes (and I know it just looks like a simple x pipe) but minor changes in its geometry vastly effect exactly how the gas resonates at varying rev regions and gas throughput, and therefore have a pretty big impact on the sound.

Under valve open the system becomes completely free flow, the exhaust discharge only flows through the x pipe, and a very short resonator section of silencer, this is just to take the harsh edge off of the exhaust note, so your left with an aggressive yet smooth sounding exhaust note, just loud enough to turn heads and fill the cabin with a pleasurable sound and driving experience .

Under valve closure, the gasses pass through 4 chambers, and 4 resonated sections, and the x pipe bringing the car into just a touch louder and smoother than stock. This makes the cruising driving virtually silent.

The resonant qualities of the material Inconel produces an extra richness to exhaust note that you simply just don’t get with any other material, really it is just intoxicating in the flesh!


Final Data on exact power figures is still being collated, but preliminary testing indicates a maximum power gain for the decat variant in the region from 21-25whp and 28-34nm torque Available with a variety of HJS catalysts, in either 100 cell 200 cell, hdpe perforated foil.


Cross Sections

Manifolds - TBC
center silencer section, 60mm
wing silencers, 60mm - 57mm
Catalysts 118mm OD


Available in standard 304 grade stainless steel, weight wing silencers 6.5kg each, center silencer 11.9kg

Inconel 625 formula one grade material, weight wing silencers 3.8kg each, center silencer 7.2kg

Titanium G2 silencer section is also available, weight comparable to Inconel

Tails, made from aerospace grade carbon fiber, and a choice of inconel or stainless steel inserts