Audi RS7 Exhaust

The RS7 has a 4.0 TFSI twin scroll twin turbo V8 engine, producing 605hp is a beautiful example of modern engineering. As with all turbo induction engines, the potential to improve the sound, and power response through exhaust tuning is substantial!

Kline Innovation

Replacement of the stock 600cpsi catalysts, with either high flow HJS cores, or de-cat pipes, opens up the sound significantly, as well as drastically improving turbo spool for increased power, and reduced spool time. This coupled with the twin 70mm dual oversized pipe, allows the engine to reach its full potential.

The addition of a 20 degree x pipe to the center section, raises the pitch of the exhaust, As with all v8 engines, with cross plane crank configuration, significant additional power is generated by relieving pressure spikes associated with the uneven firing pattern. we also offer the option of a resonated (silenced) or non-resonated center section, to suit sound requirements.

The rear silencer section, working with the cars stock electronic actuated valve system, we crafted a set of light weight, valvetronic rear silencers. on valve open the system becomes completely freeflow, for optimum performance, and aggressive sound. under valve closure, exhaust gases are diverted through a series of chambers and acoustic filled section, tuned towards low rpm torque, and a very quiet volume at cruising speeds.


Cross Sections

Center and rear section, 70mmOD dual, chosen for a balance of fast turbo spool, torque, and peak power.


HJS HDPE motorsport 100 cell, or 200 cell catalysts available, or de-cat pipes for optimum performance and sound